Timeless plastic toys from Sweden, designed with love, and made with care. Safe and durable Swedish-designed plastic toys for children aged 1-5 years. Our toys offer excellent play value with simple and honest design that enables children to use their imagination.

Viking Toys’ vision is to bring happiness and playfulness to all children around the globe! Our mission is to make the safest, most long-lived and fun plastic toys in the world. Our toys are durable, non-toxic and designed to stimulate imagination and creativity for lasting play value from child to child, year after year, for generations. Let your child’s play start with Viking Toys’ products and let the play last forever.

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Play is learning for life, and as a company, we are thrilled to be known for making toys that aid learning. Our proof of concept comes from the millions of toys we have supplied to pre-schools on the recommendation of early learning educators.

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We export our products to many countries across several continents. To buy our products, please contact your national Viking Toys’ products distributor.

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